About us

My name is Mr. N’diogou SECK.

I’m the president of the non-profit organization “Un puits pour vivre”.

I was born in Sénégal and I moved to France at the age of 25. My wife and I were owners of an ambulance company in the city of Nice, which is located in the South of France. We worked until 2010.

I retired in 2010, and decided that I would travel between Sénégal and France.

During these last years I had the chance to visit different regions in Sénégal and I realized that so many villages lacked resources to support their needs (water, electricity, food, schools…)

I was so touched to see how people are denied of such bare essential that I decided to begin raising funds in collaboration with the organization I.M.E.N which allowed for the construction of the first well.

Then we decided to begin this organization with the help of other active members to help the population of Senegal.

If you wish to contribute, and support the population from Senegal, I kindly invite you to join us in our actions and donate.

Good visit on our website and see you soon.